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In the office, we like to take weekly or biweekly field trips out into the community. Our goal in doing that is sharing samples and spreading the word about our snacks, getting to know local businesses and their journeys, and we also love exploring healthy eateries because you know…we like healthy food and stuff.

So today our outreach came in a different form- but something that is still so dear to our hearts! As a vegan company, all our co-workers LOVE animals, especially dogs. So when we came in contact with a lost puppy our hearts just melted. Today we found a beautiful male husky with ice blue eyes. He was very well mannered and loveeeeed giving kisses. (Awwwww).

So our adventure began!

Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 11.45.36 AM.pngSad to leave the dog behind, we headed back to the office. But not 10 minutes after walking in the door, we noticed Meghan’s facebook post had been shared and had multiple comments. One of the commenters gave us a possible name and contact info for the dog and his owner. Meghan called and the guy said Maverick (the name of the husky) had broken his leash and taken off running. He was relieved and headed straight to pick him up.We ended up taking him to the KC Pet Project– they were so loving and took great care of him right away. We were pretty bummed to find that he wasn’t chipped and didn’t have tags. So they instructed us to post on a list of various websites and FB pages and if after 5 days an owner hadn’t come, then he would be put up for adoption.

Meghan on the phone with the owner. FOUND.

Reunited and it feels so good!!


So that was lengthy…but a lesson in what to do if you find a dog. Let’s recap:

  1. DO NOT just leave it running around, especially in a city. It could be hit by a car or hurt.
  2. Search for your local animal intake center- Ours was the awesome KC Pet Project. Bring the dog in, ask for information on the process (to make sure you feel good about it and can check in on the lost pet until he is reunited) and POST POST POST. Social media spreads the word faster than flyers. See below for a list of places you can post about a lost pet.


Here is what we learned for dog owners:

  1. If you have a big dog or one that likes to run, consider getting him/her chipped. At the very least be sure your dog has up to date tags. That could be the difference in whether or not you are reunited with your furry friend.
  2. Call animal shelters and intake centers. Flyers can be great, but you’ll cover more ground by sending them information and checking there first.
  3. Facebook does wonders. Ask for shares and get your pet home.


Now don’t mind us, but we’re going to grab another cup of coffee. Saving the day is tiring work!!

Shelby & Meghan


Places to check/ post for lost/found pets:

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