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Stop everything and make this.

Bookkeeping, I’ll get to you later…

I love when I come across a recipe that stops me dead in my tracks and has me running to the store – I mean, very rarely does this actually happen. Usually, I’ll bookmark it or pin it with the hopes of not only remembering, but also, making. Yeah, we all know how that goes…

However, this past week, I stumbled across this Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Vegetable Lasagna from Yum Universe and well – I literally couldn’t think of anything else. To be honest, I haven’t been in the kitchen much since last fall (I can’t believe I just admitted that), but after a couple of muy stressful months, I’ve pulled back a bit to remind myself why I’m doing, what I’m doing – and that is, to ultimately inspire people to “stop eating crap”! Finding a balacne between Rawxies production and personal ventures has been quite difficult. So, I’m taking this month to really step back and analyze the business before I transition into the next phase.

So, with that being said, I’m allowing myself to reconnect with the things that keep me sane – i.e., making hella messes in my kitchen And, I’m so glad I started with this Veggie Lasagna, as I truly have found a new favorite recipe – plus, the dairy-free ricotta (which I altered to also be nut-free — see notes below) seriously mimics not only the flavor of ricotta, but as well, the texture (and I even left out the agar flakes).

download (6)

Please visit this link for full recipe.

Vegetable Lasagna Alternations:

  • Instead of mashing my sweet potatoes (because I knew I’d have issues spreading), I thinly sliced them on my mandoline (just like the zucchini and squash). I think dropped them in a pot of boiling water until tender (but not to the point of falling apart).
  • I omitted the green pepper and asparagus
  • I replaced the tomato sauce between the layers with a batch of hemp pesto
  • I only used tomato sauce on the very top (I’m not a big tomato sauce person, plus I didn’t want the excess moisture).

Dairy-Free Ricotta Alternations:

  • Reduce 1 C of water to .5 C water
  • Replace Cashews with 1.5 C shredded coconut
  • add 1 C unsweetened (so delicious brand) coconut milk
  • juice from .5 lemon
  • replace liquid smoke with tamari
  • since coconut has a tendency to bulk up by itself, I left out the agar flakes

ThanksAAAAA again, Heather, for such a wonderful plant-based recipe that’s easy to make and even easier to store (hello – leftovers!).



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