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Alright, so I have to be honest even though I make my living as a paid beauty junkie even I can get a little overwhelmed with all the beauty products and ingredient labels on the shelves of my favorite retailers. It’s no secret that I can spend hours in my favorite stores cross checking ingredients to ensure that they match the claims of their product manufacturers.

So when I came across White & Elm on my latest beauty field trip to the Indie Beauty Show, I let out a loud shout of Gloria Hallelujah! Established in 2014 White and Elm is proving organic skincare can be simple. The company offers a range of facial and body care products with 10 ingredients or less. By meeting the no-nasties beauty criteria White & Elm is quickly emerging as a beauty must have among indie beauty lovers and with price points that won’t break your budget even beauties on a modest budget can enjoy these high quality products the average cost for a 1oz cleanser is ten dollars.

So here’s the story behind White & Elm; as an adult company creator and founder Sherelle Reed struggled with acne and skin sensitivities. Her struggles prompted a life changing lifestyle overhaul which included whole organic foods, juicing, yoga and running. Making her own skincare products from plant based ingredients was the final frontier in Sherelle’s journey…….. Don’t you just love it!

As a result of her awesome lifestyle change and positive experience with plant based skincare Sherelle created White & Elm and is sharing the gift of renewed, clear and glowing skin with others …all in favor say I. Here are a few of our favorites from the line:

Sweet Almond Foaming Cleanser | 1.7. oz $10
This gentle almond foaming cleanser is perfect for all skin types. It has a touch of tea tree which leaves the skin feeling oh so fresh and oh so clean! All White & Elm products we should mention are organic, vegan, gluten free, cruelty free, non-gmo, and have nothing artificial…it sounds too good to be true, I know.

Oat & Calendula Exfoliating Micrograins | 2 oz$10
If you are not a fan of extra rough exfoliants your skin will enjoy this one. Simply pour a small amount of oat and calendula into your hands, add a few drops of water and gently rub onto the skin. If you are uncertain how to use any of the products visit the White & Elm website for video tutorials on how to use each product. You’ll be glowing in no time.

Strawberry & White Willow Bark Brightening Mask | 2 oz. $ 22
Strawberry and rosehip make this a delightful mask for anti-aging, skin softening and moisturizing. The white willow bark helps improve wrinkles and also reduce pore size. I’ll be adding this to my shopping cart momentarily.

Do you have a favorite White and Elm product? We love plant based and healthy alternatives to the ultra chemically infused products you find on the shelves today. It’s time to start treating your skin with love. Try it out and let us know what you think!


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static1.squarespace.comRegina Tucker is a Consumer Skin & Beauty Expert, Licensed Master Esthetician and Blogger. She loves her husband and fabulous kiddos. Regina runs Beautifully Yours Metro, a site that curates only the best information for those interested and knowledgeable in beauty and beauty appreciation. We are excited to have her as a blogger here on Rawxies Life. Click here to read more about Regina.

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