The Preservation Effect: How to Keep Your Skin Beautiful for a Lifetime

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Got beautiful summer skin today? Want to keep it that way for a lifetime? Many folks proudly boast that they have been blessed with beautiful skin and that they don’t have to do much to care for it…thank you God for genes and heredity. But no problems today doesn’t mean no problems tomorrow. If you aren’t doing anything to protect your skin and keep it in good shape then genes alone won’t save you. Eventually, your skin will cave in and environmental factors will take a toll on it. Despite having gorgeous skin that requires little to no effort to maintain, if you do not have a consistent skincare regimen all the inattention will cause it to prematurely age and break down at an accelerated rate. Want to preserve your skin today for even more beautiful results in the years to come? Take a look at what you should be doing today to preserve your skin.

Choose Anti-Aging

Got ideal skin? It’s pretty tempting to slap any old thing on your skin and call it a day.  Instead of doing that lean towards anti-aging products that promote collagen and elastin production and have free radical fighting ingredients like vitamins A, C, and E in them. I started my first anti-aging regimen in my twenties and I am so thankful.  I learned early to pay special attention to my eyes, neck and hands and to engage in a complete skincare routine that includes a mask, serum and moisturizer. I also learned alternatives for avoiding common pitfalls that can compromise otherwise healthy skin like waxing my chin hairs instead of tweezing them which can cause hyperpigmentation and scabbing.  Starting these good habits early on has set me up for a life.

Eat, Drink, Sleep, LIVE

Drink your water, limit your sugar and live well. We all know the mantra, yet doing it can be so challenging. There is so much information out there about the foods we eat and their impacts on the skin. The USDA has been pretty vocal about Americans consuming too much sugar for example which can cause hormonal shifts in the body, intensify glycation and lead to a poor complexion and the breakdown of collagen. But exercise and your overall wellbeing also contribute to having a radiant glow. Stress will not only age your skin but can cause other physical issues. Many Americans are starting to pay more attention to what they put inside of their bodies, but getting adequate rest and placing your over wall wellness on a pedestal is still creeping along for some.  Want to preserve the skin make yoga, meditation and relaxation a regular part of your overall wellness regimen.

Choose Your Dream Team

I recommend that everyone have a functional well-ness team in place to support their overall well-being. The ideal dream team for some includes a holistic dermatologist, esthetician, and naturopathic doctor. With a complete wellness team in place one may become more accountable and more likely to engage in preventive care as it relates to their skin and overall well-being. Taking a preventive approach also enable you to pin point underlying issues that may be impacting the skin and possibly help you to avoid triggers that aggravate your skin.

Happy Preservation!

The Modern Minimalist
Regina Tucker

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