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Valentine’s Day definitely has me thinking about my lips because during the winter months my lips are already a little dry and flaky. Valentine’s Day is the gentle reminder I need to give my lips a little extra attention. Whether you have a special someone that you plan to shower with hugs and kisses on the 14th or you’re simply preparing your lips for an extra special mirror kiss for yourself. This Love Day is the perfect occasion to give those lips of yours a little something extra. Take a look at these 3 easy to do steps for the perfect Valentine’s Day pout for an extra sexy V-Day.

Scrub a Dub Dub

Get those lips ready for cupid’s bow with this extra amazing sugar lip scrub, which removes dead flaky skin and naturally moisturizes the lips. It’s really easy to make! Simply mix 1 tbsp Dr. Bronner’s Rose castile soap (add more or less here based on your consistency preference) , 1 tbsp sugar, and 1 tbsp olive oil together in a little bowl. Next, use a baby soft toothbrush to pick up the scrub and gently buff the lips to remove dead skin and provide instant hydration.

Color Dress Up Time

After using the scrub, your lips are ready for a little color dress up. Since it’s Valentine’s Day, using colors like pink or red on your pout are only fitting. Of course bold and daring is also an option. Our vegan love day makeup RAWXSTARS include Kat Von D’s Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Vivid Hot Pink $20.00, Tarte’s Tartiest lip paint in Yaass $18.00, and Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid lipstick in American Doll $20.00. (Also check out my fellow Beauty Rawxstar Nicole’s picks on Vegan Lip Gloss Essentials right here on the blog).

Date Night

Staying in on Valentine’s Day? Make your own lip stain with beetroot. It’s an easy and all natural way to say I love you to your lips. 1.) Peel and chop a beet into small pieces. 2.) Make a fine paste and filter using muslin cloth. 3.) Pour the remaining liquid in a lip gloss tube. 3.) Use the beet tint on your lips or cheeks for an all-natural valentine’s po

The Modern Minimalist

aka Regina Tucker

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