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After the long winter it feels good to feel springs gentle vibrations in the atmosphere.  When it comes to my spring beauty routine facials and body treatments are my go-to picks to keep me looking my best.  As spring’s warmer weather makes its debut I also rely on a few other tips, tricks, and product picks to keep things fresh. Are you obsessed with great spring beauty tips too? Then keep reading for my ideas on how to bring your spring beauty routine into full bloom.

Spring Renewal Facial

Start your spring by heading into the spa to see a licensed esthetician for a professional facial treatment to maintain your Rawxstar glow. Opt for treatments that include lighter versions of chemical or enzyme peels, LED light therapy to tighten and tone, hydrating masks or microdermabrasion to unclog pores, smooth the skin and improve product penetration.  Can’t make it into the spa? Perform an at home version with White and Elm’s Sweet Almond Foaming Cleanser $10, one of Florapy’s Hydrating Sheet Masks$8, and gentle deep cleansing with the Foreo Luna $199(Cruelty Free Note: Toss your Clarasonicif you have one …….they are not cruelty free.) Skin Tip: Always remember while performing your facial to give your products ample time to settle and absorb into the skin; this allows the skin to experience the full benefits of each facial product you are incorporating into your routine.

Body Treatments

I love a good body treatment and with my dry skin, full body treatments are an absolute must! They remove dead skin and help me maximize the benefits of my bronzing lotion (YES! I absolutely love my chocolate spring glow).  I perform my spring body treatments rightin the shower at home, using a body buff or exfoliating gloves which can be found find right at the drug store, (I like the body gloves by Eco Tool $3.99.) I use either a homemade brown sugar scrub or one of Shea Moisture’s foaming washes or bar soaps to work my skin out. Note for Sensitive Skin Beauties: Sorry but body buffs, heavy duty exfoliating, and sugar scrubs are usually a no-no for your skin type. I am working on the perfect recipe for your exfoliating treatment so stay tuned!

DIY Spring Floral Water

With spring in bloom there are so many fun florals you can add to your facial water to invigorate your facial routine.  Try adding rose petals, lavender, or other spring florals for a delightful spring treat.


Enjoy a calm, pleasant and nostalgic transition into spring by treating yourself to a beautiful scent. I opt for lighter scents in the spring and like them to whisper as the wind blows when I am walking by others. I am eager to try CLEAN perfume’s Blossom $40 with top notes and mid-notes that include seringa petals, yellow freesia, orange blossom and Georgia magnolia it seems like the perfect choice for spring.

Until Next Time Beauties-

Butterfly Kisses and Sunflower Wishes!



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