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I’m a schedule person. I get up, take my puppy outside, get ready, pack a lunch and head to work. Recently, I was going through the motions and got in my car. I started listening to a podcast from Yoga Talk Show and he mentioned the use of coconut sugar. For some reason that sparked a realization in my head that I’ve been really drawn to coconut things lately… I knew nerding out over podcasts would come in handy.

So I thought back to my routine and found that both my diet and BEAUTY regimen contained coconut. Here are the products I’ve recently been raving about to anyone that will listen and why you should also be nuts for coconuts:

1. Pacifica Coconut Water Cleansing Wipes: They’re gentle, nourishing and I swear to you that I feel calmer after using them. The smell is a soft, yet fresh with coconut water. It cleanses your face without drying the heck out of it. And they’re cruelty free. Does it really get any better? I even tear the wipes in half to make them last longer…that’s how obsessed I am. I generally use the wipes after a long day at work or after a yoga practice to freshen up. Pacifica also has a face wash called Sea Foam Complete Face Wash that I like to use once a day for total cleansing. Trust me on this, I’m totally picky on what I put on my face (if you read the post about making your own tea tree face wash, you’ll know I usually make my own). I’ve started integrating Pacifica in with my own creations and my face feels amazing.

2. Earth Balance Creamy Coconut & Peanut Butter Spread: I’m generally more of a Sunbutter or almond butter kind of gal, but this knocked my socks off. Generally natural nut butters are a weird texture and hard to apply to FOOD. The coconut oil in the peanut butter makes it super smooth and adds to the creamy texture. I drizzled it over apples with some gluten free granola and had the best snack ever. (I take pride in my packed lunches ok. I’m forever a kid in this aspect). Because it is creamier and less thick than traditional peanut butter this product would be great to cook with or to add to smoothies without fear of it clumping up.

3. Coconut Bliss Non-Dairy Icecream: I don’t care how healthy I get, I’m never going to give up ice-cream. All things in moderation right? Well listen up, this ice-cream trumps any dairy ice-cream there is out there. It is made with Organic Coconut Milk and is flavored with all organic ingredients. Not only is it vegan, soy free and gluten free, but it actually tastes amazing. My current favorite flavor is Cherry Amaretto coconut bliss. It’s a very light cherry flavor with creamy coconut in every bite. Coconut Bliss’s branding and design are also adorable…I always feel like part of a community when I BUY their products. Suggestion: If you like cookies with your ice cream use Rawxies and top with your favorite coconut bliss. It’s good, trust me.
That’s all for now (mainly because I’m at the bottom of my Cherry Amaretto pint). Let me know what you think of these products and what coconutty things you love!


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