Meet plant based domestic goddess, Lauren!

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“I eat a Plantbased diet for my health, the animals and the planet. When I started on this journey, I found eating this way helped my symptoms of IBD, now almost 10 years later, it has evolved into so much more. My Plantbased diet helps me feel good, keep up with my kids, saves countless amounts of animals and is good for our planet.   I’m grateful for the path my life took because it helped me find this lifestyle and I’ve never felt better.”

—Lauren Nastasi, Rawxies Ambassador | IG @laurenginger


Lauren has an amazing story about her journey to a plant based healthy lifestyle. She honestly doesn’t give herself enough credit. Multiple surgeries and struggles with IBR (irritable bowel disease) and we’ve yet to hear this woman complain. She is an expert in all things healthy, mom life, and is an all around domestic goddess. Her testimony and her blog is super inspiring- we love knowing amazing people! Check her out at

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