Live with dignity; Be Selfless, Not Selfish

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My mom is one of the most selfless people I know. 

She gave up a lot for her children and now that we’re grown, she gives up a lot for her animals and our elder family. I may want to strangle her out of frustration at times (she’ll say the same about me), but you just can’t argue with her selflessness. She will bake you a cake or take you to the doctor – Whatever it may be, she’ll more than likely clear her schedule and show up. 

I am fortunate to be raised by such a selfless person, because it’s helped me set a bar that I can hold myself and others to. I’ve been able to build an amazing group of friends and employees that meet, if not exceed, that bar. I’ve worked hard to weed out of the bad and keep the awesome. 

Unfortunately though, this world is not always rainbows and unicorns. No matter how good your intentions or actions may be, it’s sometimes going to throw you people in the form of thunderstorms and piles of sh*t…. You know what I mean!? 

See, I believe there are two types of people in this world: Those who are purpose driven and those who are monetarily driven. Those who think about the greater impact of their actions and those who think about the dollar amount associated with their actions. Those who truly want the world to be a better place and those who want their own world to be a better place. Those who keep their philanthropic acts private and those who use philanthropy for good PR. Those who say the wrong, unedited, but honest things and those who carefully craft their words with an end goal in mind. Those who achieve success with the help of others and those who achieve success at the cost of others. Those who are selfless and those who are selfish. 

When I find myself in a situation that involves the latter of these two groups, I have to think about selflessness’s best friend, dignity. Otherwise, there is great chance I will end up on ‘Snapped’… Because let’s be real, nothing is more infuriating than having someone blindly pull you into a situation that is everything you do not stand for. 

Fortunately for me, my dad has also been a great teacher of living for the right reasons. Recently during an argument, he said something that I needed to reminded of. He said “Callie, tomorrow morning you could wake up and everything you have worked so hard to build, could be gone. Materialistic items can disappear in an instant. However, based on your actions, you have complete control over keeping or losing your dignity. You should never risk losing something you have complete control over, for something you don’t. All that matters is that you wake up each morning with your dignity.” 

I’ve come to call Dignity Selflessness’s BF, because I believe in order to be respected and worthy of honor, you must think about your actions and the effect they have on others. While I’m not perfect by any means (umm, hence getting checked by my dad), I do strive each day to be better than the last. And when I do find myself hurt by the wrong type of person, I use that hurt to remind myself of how I never want to make someone else feel. I choose to not get even or get back, but rather to react in a manner that stays true to the type of person I am, not vice versa

At the end of the day, there isn’t a single relationship, business partnership or friendship that is worth sacrificing your dignity or self respect for. 


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