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Kansas City (where our products are made daily) has some awesome local restaurants, juicers, coffee shops and eateries. We, the Rawxies Team, are making it our goal to find our favorite snacks KC has to offer…I know, it’ll be such hard work eating KC’s finest foods. We’re overworked, clearly ;)

Today we ventured out to Mudpie Bakery. Mudpie is a vegan bakery and coffee shop. And we basically had to restrain ourselves from ordering one of everything. They even had gluten free options. #winning.

We brought in some Rawxies Heart Bars for them to try as well- a little vegan love happening between us and Mudpie. We’re open about it.

1 savory scone, 1 blueberry lemon muffin, an americano and 1 small cashew milk latte later and we rolled back to Rawxies HQ with happy tummies. I mean come on, a savory scone? YES. [If you’re reading this and are like, “Hey, I know how to make vegan, gluten free, savory scones” then you should probably send us the recipe pronto.]

Exploring the place we all call home is fun (and tasty)! We heart KC. What place should we visit next in Kansas City? Are you a local shop that wants to try some Rawxies? Invite us over- we’d love to bring some samples! Are you a Kansas City guru- tell us all your secrets, we need more KC adventures.


Shelby & Meghan @Rawxies



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