Insider look: Filming Callie & Rawxies

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This week we began working on new creative and marketing ideas. We enlisted the help of fellow creative, Keaton Ward, to film some short videos about Callie, staff and Rawxies (to be released as a series). We started by heading to Whole Foods at 8am Monday morning!

Callie’s story will dive into how she got started with healthy food and healthy living. She has come a long way and learned so much about nutrition and the effects on the body by adapting her diet to a vegan lifestyle. She started blogging about it and it ended up leading to Rawxies…(you’ll have to wait for the video to hear the rest of the story!)

Below are some pictures of the shoot, doing what Callie does best: grocery shopping and preparing veggies! Check out her super trendy ‘Support Your Local Farmer’ t-shirt by Charlie Hustle. (We’re obsessed with his KC Heart shirts). Callie is most in her element when she is chopping veggies and preparing a delicious healthy recipe.

image1Stay tuned for more insider scoops of the Rawxies Life! Have something you want to see? Let us know!

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