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~why eat plants? Why is a healthy diet so important? ~
I believe in eating the way I do because it makes me feel happy. I like knowing that I’m saving lives, improving the environment, and helping me to better understand myself. I only have one life to live and I’d rather spend my time smiling!

—Kelli Fischer, Rawxies Ambassador | IG @kelli_is_healthi




Guys, Kelli is TOTALLY right. Doing good things causes happiness. Eating good things causes happiness. And who doesn’t want to be happy?!

This got us to looking around at articles for “proof.” My favorite one so far was an Australian study, following over 12,000 people for 2 years. They looked (and found!) links to higher satisfaction in their lives with better/healthier diets.  Whether is was the higher intake of B12, carotenoids, or general better health, they weren’t 100% sure what caused this higher level of satisfaction in life. Nonetheless, it is certainly a reason to eat healthier, knowing you will see and feel the benefits right now (other than just preparing for potential better health when you’re older.)

We want to know- what food makes you happy? (Is it bad or acceptable that my first reaction to this question was coffee?… I’m deeming that acceptable). Find your healthy happy place and let us know what you’re snacking on today. We hope your snack time makes you smile!


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