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Portion control at it’s best.

It’s why I kind of love deconstructed food.

Complex and simple – a complete juxtaposition I do realize. But for some reason, it works.

I was playing around this weekend with the above ideas and came up with a Rawxies inspired sundae. See, Rawxies don’t just have to be consumed as a snack – but rather, they can be used to create more elaborate desserts. Moreover, healthy ones!

For this deconstructed sundae, I dipped Banana Nut Bread Rawxies into a mixture of melted cacao + cacao powder (and a bit of stevia). I topped half of the batch with chopped nuts and left the rest plain. I then used a 1 tablespoon cookie scooper to scoop So Delicious Coconut Ice Cream and toped with a strawberry puree – made with strawberries and water.

So good, guys – SO good.

So tell me, have you done anything creative with your Rawxies!?

—Furthermore: if you do ever create something with Rawxies, please upload it to FB and tag “rawxies” – Love seeing everyone’s creations!!




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