Callie’s Vegan Beauty Picks for March

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This month’s 8 products that if my apartment were to catch on fire, I may consider grabbing. 

1. Zuzu Luxe Lip Liner $13.80
Lip Liners are my new favorite thing. I line, fill (make sure you fill) and then top with Dr. Bronner’s Lip Balm. Liner is so much more precise than lipstick and really works wonders on creating the look of a more plump lip. While I’m pretty much a sucker for anything ZuZu Luxe, these two shades are to die for: Hazlenut (warm red) and Fraise (bright fuchsia). 

2. Everyday Minerals Semi-Matte Base $15.00
Loose mineral powder is so messy and it literally pisses me off every time I use it. However, EM’s semi matte formulation is the only mineral makeup that has a the perfect balance between hydrating and matte. It’s extremely smooth in texture, leaves my skin looking like MY skin (but like way better) and is super affordable! I’ve actually been purchasing this base for almost 7 years… Yes, I was 14 when I started using it  

3. Dr. Bronners Peppermint Lip Balm $2.99
My entire life, I’ve hated lip balm. It ALL dries out your lips!!! Am I right or am I right!? I know, I’m right. Except until I found this… This lip balm doesn’t dry out my lips! I own so many tubes (in lots of flavors actually) that I swear I’ve gone from “I hate lip balm” to “Hi, my name is Callie and I am addicted to lip balm”

4. EcoTool Skin Perfecting Brushes $7.99
I’ve used a lot of makeup brushes, but for buffing out concealer, these are the best. I was a huge skeptic given the budget price, but was completely blown away after using the medium-sized brush a few times. I immediately ran out and got the smaller version for priming the eyelid.

5. Evan Healy Tusli Face Tonic and Whipped Shea Butter $28.00 – $31.00
I FREAKING LOVE EVAN HEALY. It is so rare that I buy a product multiple times, but let it be known, I literally start to get anxiety when I get low on either of these two products. I slather the shea butter on my face every single night – it’s the only product I’ve found that hydrates in the winter without causing breakouts. The Tulsi Hydrosoul spray contains Holy Basil, so it’s extra calming and especially great for any sort of inflammation. I actually own 3 bottles of this (bathroom, office and workout bag), so I can keep my face hydrated and refreshed wherever i am!

6. Mineral Fusion Duo Concealer $24.99
Ok – let me be honest here, It took me 6 months to like this concealer. I wasn’t sure how to use it at first and if you are a cosmetic junkie, you know it’s all about how you apply and blend <— every concealer has to manipulated in just the right way, or chances are, it’s not going to deliver. So here’s how I use this – I use a concealer flat brush to apply the lighter color under my eye – using outward brush strokes. I then blend out with the darker shade (not a full blend), and then I completely buff into the skin with the EcoTool Skin Perfecting brush (#4). It’s quick, it covers, and it lasts. Oh, and did I mention Mineral Fusion has warm shades!? Yup, I’m a convert. 

7. MyChelle Apple Brightening Cleanser $14.25 (Travel Size)
Ok, it’s a little pricey, I get it… but it lasts forever! And, it really gets the face clean of makeup, dirt and grime – I’m so sick of cleansers that DON’T cleanse that skin. This cleanser uses a plant derived Gallic Acid to brighten and support skin repair. It feels much like a glycolic acid cleanser, but natural – Hello, LOVE! 

8. Pacifica Dreamy Youth Day/Night Lotion $16.00
This is my go-to daytime lotion. It’s like the perfect combo of mositurizing but not too moisturizing – You know what I mean!? My combo-skin peops best be shaking there heads in agreeance right now. I need moisture, but dear god, I don’t need shine <– This delivers just that. 

Hope you enjoy these suggestions! Let me know below what you’re loving this month and I’ll give it a go!


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