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Hi Rawxstars! Could it be true that right there on my Thanksgiving table are the keys to beautiful healthy radiant skin? Amidst all the delights, I can actually give myself a mini-facial just by choosing the right Thanksgiving foods? It is true, my dears, this year’s Thanksgiving table offers the best in mini facial treatments right in the comforts of yours or someone else’s home. This modern minimalist could not ask for more, especially since this excursion will be far less then my usual spa visits. Added points for the taste of everything; what can I say, I love the whole sensory experience. So, take a look at some of the many items from around our Thanksgiving table and check out their benefits.

Sweet Potatoes- The Dull Skin Solution

Sweet Potatoes provided there not loaded in sugar offer a skin-brightening combination of vitamins A and C. The two paired together offer awesome protection from free radicals and help improve dull and lackluster skin.

Pumpkin-The Skin Por-fector for Oily Skin

Pumpkin seeds are rich in vitamin E which is awesome for a healthy, shiny head of hair. Pumpkins are also full of fruit enzymes which improve cell turnover and offer superior barrier function of the skin. They also regulate sebum making it ideal for oily skin.

Cranberries- The Anti-Aging Cure

Free radicals are everywhere and age the skin causing wrinkles, fine lines, and the deterioration of collagen and elastin. Thank God cranberries are rich in vitamin C which aid in collagen production and help the skin remain firm, young and beautiful

Mushroom Gravy- The Master of Overall Skin Health

I am always a bit careful with gravy but pan sear a few mushrooms with a little bit of olive oil and you have a great beauty food with mushrooms. Kimberly Snyder, C.N. author of the popular Beauty Detox Foods considers mushrooms one of the essential beauty foods that helps to regenerate and purify your cells. They supply the body with key, minerals, enzymes and vitamins that help remove waste from the body and keep your skin looking beautiful and radiant.

Green Beans With /Almonds- The Giant of Glowing Skin

Green Beans are full of good for you stuff think beta carotein and lutein which help fight the aging process. Green beans are also loaded with antioxidants. Almonds sprinkled on top of green beans add a wonderful remedy for dry skin.

Butternut Squash- For Winter Skin Battles

Loaded with vitamin a butternut squash promotes cell turnover to keep your skin from becoming too dry. This is extra important during the colder months. Squash also has beta-carotene and vitamin C which aids in wrinkle protection.

Baked Apples- For Beautiful, Bright Eyes

Apples are delicious this time of year and when enjoying them at the Thanksgiving table this year be sure to tell everyone you are giving yourself an eye treatment. That’s right apples contain a large amount of pectin which is great for cleansing the body contributing to clear gorgeous eyes.

Beautifully Yours,
Regina Tucker
aka The Modern Minimalist

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