5 Super-Duper Healthy Snacks that Your Kid Will Eat!

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My daughter has always been a good eater… As a baby she would chomp on seaweed for snacks, or eat hummus with a spoon, and let’s not forget green juice and collard wraps! Yup, I was a proud mom! As she has gotten older, those foods have become less desirable to her. Don’t get me wrong, she still eats extremely well (especially compared to most kids her age), but it takes a little more effort to get her to try new things. She does have some tried and true snacks that I’d love to share with you!

  1. post-4-2Cucumbers with Salt. This sounds so simple and boring but to her they are like potato chips. I use Himalayan pink salt so she get minerals and always organic cucumbers. Some kids prefer them without the skin so peel away if needed!
  2. Baby Peppers stuffed with Cream Cheese. These are a new favorite. She has recently become very found of Kite Hill’s almond milk cream cheese and she has always likes baby peppers (most kids like anything “baby”). So I cut of the stem and scoop a little of the cream cheese inside and she eats them just like that. Another no fuss snack.
  3. Romaine lettuce with Chocolate. Yes you read that right! It’s all about balance, right? Two of my daughter’s favorite things are chocolate and romaine lettuce, so why not put them together? She actually eats them separate but on the same plate. When she sees she gets chocolate, she is more likely to eat the lettuce. Kind of as a reward. I always use the saying “eat the good first and then the treat”.
  4. Smoothies. My daughter loves smoothies and they are great for hiding things! I put spinach, chia seeds and barley grass juice powder in hers and she doesn’t even notice. If she asks about the “weird color” I make up a name for the smoothie and she is interested right away. I’ve use “fairy juice”, “unicorn powerade”, “princess potion” you can make up anything using characters that your child is interested in.
  5. Fruit Ice Cream. We blend together frozen fruit with a little water in a high speed blender for the freshest, healthiest “ice cream” ever. This is another time you can sneak in some good stuff. Also you can make a caramel sauce for on top by blending a few dates with water. Yum!


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